Ayuvya FizzHer ( Pack of 2 for 30 Days)

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Fizzher is the answer to the problem of women's health. This Ayurvedic formulation, made with completely natural ingredients, boosts immune function and increases energy and endurance while also improving women's reproductive health. It reduces menopause symptoms, boosts libido, and balances hormones to ensure optimum health.

Benefits of Ayuvya FizzHer

What's In Ayuvya FizzHer

    Gokshur : Reduces menopause symptoms.
    Ashwagandha : Lowers blood pressure and increases endurance.
    Shatavari : boosts immune function.

How To Use Ayuvya FizzHer

1: Take 2 soft Capsules in the morning on empty stomach as directed by Physician.
Note: Only for women

Ayuvya FizzHer vs. Other Products

    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    Does more harm than good
    Shows slow or no improvement.
    Comes with various side effects.
    Shows slow or no improvement.
46 reviews forAyuvya FizzHer


Amrita Khan

> I had very low immunity and was also nearing menopause and stressed out about that, but using fizzher has really made the journey so much easier and problem free. I always recommend this to my female friends!

Naina Kumari

> Wonderful for menopause. Wow, this one is a game changer. I was struggling with menopause and low energy, plus bad mental health for months, but this product eased all my symptoms so quickly!

Unnati Verma

> This is the perfect supplement for women. It is made with the best ayurvedic ingredients and I love how active and healthy it makes me feel.

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