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About Us

Ancient wisdom meets modern wellness!

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Our Mission

To provide individuals with access to Ayurvedic solutions that are not only effective but also rooted in centuries of wisdom and expertise. Ayuvya is meant to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern wellness.

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Our Products

We are striving to make an Ayurvedic world where potent herbs are nestled down from generations to meet modern science, striking the perfect balance between ancient wisdom and modern wellness.

  • 🌱 100% ayurvedic ingredients
  • 🌱 No artificial chemicals, fillers, or GMOs
  • 🌱 Trust of 10 Lakh+ customers

We do not just mask your concerns but address the root causes to find ways that suit your needs.

Our Founder

Eczema and Psoriasis: The Catalysts for Change

The story that is the inspiration behind Ayuvya started from Pawanjot Kaur's own journey. She's not just a founder but a warrior against skin woes. She tried to find the answer to battling stubborn blemishes in sterile formulas but the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda was her true remedy. This was not just a solution but a revelation.


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How Ayuvya came to light?

Inspired by her own transformation, Pawanjot was determined to share these Ayurvedic wonders with the world. Her newfound belief in Ayurveda's potential inspired her to reach out to her friends, Astha & Tanishk, to share her journey and the transformation she experienced through Ayurveda. Astha & Tanishk, equally impressed by the results, decided to join Pawanjot on this Ayurvedic journey.


Legacy of the leaders!

As Ayuvya continues to grow and impact the lives of more than 10 lakh+ customers till date, one can only imagine the legacy it will leave for generations to come. Pawanjot's journey from eczema to entrepreneurship is an inspiration for us all, proving that when we embrace our own struggles, we can indeed create miracles.

Discover Ayuvya Ayurveda and experience the magic of Ayurvedic wellness for yourself. Join the movement, and let your journey towards holistic health begin.

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In the press

"Pawanjot, Astha and Tanishk's entrepreneurial journey with Ayuvya has not gone unnoticed. They were honoured with the prestigious "30 under 30" award by Entrepreneur Today, further validating their dedication to Ayurveda and commitment to improving people's lives."

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