Ayuvya i-Gain+

Ashwagandha, Amla, Narkachoor + 6 other herbs


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Helps in improving muscle mass & size

Helps in boosting appetite

Helps in improving digestion

Helps in gaining weight

Helps in improving metabolism

New & improved formula

100% Ayurvedic

No known side effects

Blend of
100% Ayurvedic Herbs

Benefits of i-Gain+

Helps in gaining weight better & faster
Helps in absorbing nutrients better
Helps in improving muscle mass & size

Customer Reviews

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Reviews (5673)
Jitender Kumar Verified
July 18, 2023
Its really Amazing

Maine yeh product use kiya hai , its really effective or mujhe ek mahine ke andr andr changes nazar aa gye the mera weight badhne lga tha or isse koi side effects nahi hote ye bohot useful product h



Shweta Verified
July 15, 2023
wonderful Product

I tried it or got very good results



Arun Singh Verified
July 2, 2023
Useful product

bohot achha product hai maine use kiya hai yeh bohot jaldi effect krta hai or isse bhuk bhi achi lagti hai.



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HOW TO USE i-Gain+

Follow this for starting 15 days

Take 1 tablet after breakfast & 1 half an hour before dinner.

Follow this after 15 days

Take 2 tablets after breakfast & 2 tablets half an hour before dinner.


Make sure to add healthy & protein rich food to your diet for fast & desired results!

Note 1 : Drink 3-4 L water daily & eat lots of green leafy vegetables.

Note 2 : Dietary supplements take time & patience. You may see visible results with regular consumption.

Note 3 : Avoid taking milk, tea or coffee if you feel constipation, rashes or heat in the body. Cleaning of stomach is very important. If your stomach does not clean everyday you can consider consuming isabgol at night.

Note 4 : There are some cases when you shouldn't use this medicine, such as if you have TB, asthma, ulcers, cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, or any heart or kidney problem, or if you have had any major or minor operation in the last 2 years or if you have a major disease requiring frequent doctor visits.

i-Gain+ is recommended with

Daily Exercise

Building muscle mass is easier and more effective with regular exercise so make sure to stay physically active.

Sleep Well

Get at least 8 hours of restful sleep every night to let your body rejuvenate and recharge.

Healthy & Balanced Diet

Have a high-protein diet along with increasing your fibre intake and incorporating curd, ghee, rice, wheat and black gram in your meals.

100% Safe & Effective

The information available on this website is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor, health care professional, physician, or any licensed herbalist. You should always consult with a doctor, healthcare professional before taking any nutritional, dietary, or herbal supplement. Products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.