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About us

History of Ayurveda

The all natural & herbal system of healing- Ayurveda- dates back to 2nd Century BC. The word can be broken down into ‘Ayur’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge. It literally translates to Knowledge of Life. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda helps resolve not just the symptoms but the root problem. Ayurvedic treatment is done with natural ingredients such as herbs and oils.

Transforming Ayurveda

As ages progress, we are confronted with day-to-day challenges in regard to well-being and our ways of life. The flood of clinical issues that individuals are going through today has prompted us to return to our underlying foundations. Many individuals are currently dumping present-day medication and switching to Ayurveda. Ayuvya Ayurveda wants to be your partner in this journey of self-discovery, as you navigate your body in its truest form.

Our Vision

Even though we began Ayuvya Ayurveda in 2019, our association with Ayurveda dates way back. Our vision is to provide authentic and versatile Ayurvedic products. Our products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and chemical free. Our products are specially curated by Ayurvedic Acharyas and we pay personal attention to the formulation of all our products to provide you with a bona fide Ayurvedic experience.

The Ayuvya Ayurveda family plans to revolutionize the perception of Ayurveda in today’s times.

What makes Ayuvya Ayurveda special ?



Ayuvya Ayurveda products are safe to use without any side effects as our products are made by strictly following Ayurvedic scripts which assure no negative effects on the body.



Ayuvya Ayurveda aims to make Ayurveda accessible to all and hence, our products are extremely cost-efficient.



Ayuvya Ayurveda only uses completely natural ingredients for all its products and all our products are free of any kind of artificial chemicals.



Our products are specially handcrafted by Ayurvedic Vaidyas who specialize in creating potions for the wellness of your body. These are recipes that have been tried and tested over thousands of years.

What lies ahead

We aim to create a niche market of products that boast of being 100% Ayurvedic and side-effect free. Our goal is to promote cost-effective and natural products that do no harm, only good. With products ranging from skincare to health supplements, Ayuvya Ayurveda aims to create an Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural ecosystem of all things that your body needs.

We also have an App under development which will be the one-stop access to consult top Ayurvedic doctors as well as help you access the best Ayurvedic medicines and it is coming sooner than you think.

Our Founders

Astha Jain

Aastha Jain

CEO & Co-Founder
Pawanjot Kaur

Pawanjot Kaur

Mentor & Co-Founder

‘‘Our mission at Ayuvya Ayurveda is to create an Ayurvedic revolution in Indian homes. Ayuvya Ayurveda is an attempt at a ground-shattering transformation in how we deal with common ailments and health issues. Through our herbal, ayurvedic and natural products that have zero chemicals, we aim to show the world why we put so much faith in ancient wisdom and bring about a change in the perspectives and lifestyles of every common Indian. Become a part of our Ayuvya Ayurveda family today and be a part of this exciting Ayurvedic revolution with us!’’

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