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Ayuvya Drop-it is a 100% ayurvedic weight loss supplement. It helps in losing weight, boosts immunity, and increases stamina. 24 Superfoods is a daily plant-based superfood that provides all-round nourishment to the body. These tablets remove toxins from the body and give you the ultimate health cleanse to ensure high energy levels and optimum body functioning.

Benefits of Ayuvya Drop it

Benefits of 24 Superfoods

What's In Ayuvya Drop it

    Trikatu Churna : It aids digestion and helps strengthen the immune system.
    Triphala Churna : Improves colon health by toning and strengthening colonic tissue; may aid in weight loss by decreasing abdominal fat..
    Mukul Powder : It's useful for treating obesity, reducing body fat, and controlling eating..

What's In 24 Superfoods

    Ashwagandha : It controls blood pressure and increases endurance.
    Wheatgrass : It maintains healthy digestion.

How To Use Ayuvya Drop it

1: Take one tablet in the morning after breakfast. Take one tablet in the evening after dinner. For better results take it with warm water as it will help you absorb the product.
Note: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it if the inner seal is broken or missing.

How To Use 24 Superfoods

1: Take one capsule a day or as directed by Physician.
Note: For both men and women

Ayuvya Drop it vs. Other Products

    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    No Chemical Based Ingredients
    Not suitable for all age groups
    It comes with unrecognized fake ingredients
    Shows slow or no improvement.
    Comes with various side effects.

24 Superfoods vs. Other Products

    Naturally Sourced Ingredients
    Safe and Free from Side Effects
    Blend with more than 20 Herbs
    No Artificial Colours And Flavors Used
    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    It comes with unrecognized fake ingredients
    Does more harm than good
    Shows slow or no improvement.
    Comes with various side effects.
66 reviews forAyuvya Drop it


Mohit Gupta

> Ayuvya Drop-it really did wonders to my body. It helped in increasing my stamina and losing weight. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Rahul Singh

> I was very worried about losing weight. I tried every weight loss supplement but didn't see any results. One day, my friend recommended this product and it really worked for me. I saw my weight go down by 6 kgs in 2 months.

Namya Sharma

> I used this product for almost 2 months and it increased my immunity as well as my stamina. It also helped me reduce weight by 4 kgs.

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1749 reviews for24 Superfoods


Lovely Singh

> I had dull skin, bad hair and was suffering from major digestion issues for some time when I tried 24 Superfoods for the first time, and I've seen such a vast improvement in all three since using this supplement for a few weeks. I feel like my body is working much better now and I'm much more healthy than before.

Parth shankar

> I had been suffering from low energy and low mood for some time, and doctors told me it was a nutrition deficiency, but I hated taking medicine. I thought I would try this Ayurvedic tablet. It has worked wonders for me, my energy levels are higher than ever before.

Rahul Kashyap

> Its a Great product. Worth the price

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