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Ayuvya Ayurveda brings you an affordable height and memory booster combo for your kids at FLAT 10% OFF.

Benefits of Ayuvya Champ

Benefits of Ayuvya Genius

What's In Ayuvya Champ

    Shilajit : Shilajit is an excellent natural herb that cures numerous ailments. It also helps in strengthening bones and formation of alll vital minerals needed for height growth.
    Arjuna : Arjuna is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal herbs used for increasing height. It is prepared from the bark of the Arjuna tree and it improves the overall metabolism and growth.
    Ashwagandha : The miraculous Herb "Ashwagandha" increases the Human Growth Hormone in the body, which eventually helps to boost height in a person. It also improves stamina, flexibility, boosts immunity and also increases the bone density.

What's In Ayuvya Genius

    Jyotishmati Oil : Jyotishmati oil has a stimulating effect on the brain. It is a brain tonic that improves memory concentration & learning. It also improves memory retention & gives relief in mental fatigue, stress & depression.
    Yellow Bhringraj Oil : This oil promotes the development of physical & mental strength, intelligence & memory. It reduces weakness, improves lifespan & enhances immunity.
    Meethi Vach : It is an effective remedy for various brain diseases & disorders like memory loss, headache, migraine, insomnia & depression.

How To Use Ayuvya Champ

1: Consume 1 capsule empty stomach in morning and 1 capsule in evening or as directed by your physician. At Least 2-3 months of course is recommended.
Note: If you feel uncomfortable and/or nausea when this product is taken before meals, ensure that it is taken after 1-2hrs after meals instead.

How To Use Ayuvya Genius

1: Pour two drops of Ayuvya Genius in a glass of milk. 2: Drink it every day to boost up your brainpower.
Note: Only for children 4 years and above.

Ayuvya Champ vs. Other Height Gainers

    No Chemical Based Ingredients
    Naturally Sourced Ingredients
    Safe and Free from Side Effects
    Blend with more than 20 Herbs
    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    Not suitable for all age groups
    It comes with unrecognized fake ingredients
    It comes with various side effects
    Does more harm than good

Ayuvya Genius vs. Other Brain Nutrition Products

    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    No Chemical Based Ingredients
    Enriched with Jyotishmati Oil which is known as 'The Elixir of Life'* (as quoted by The Indian Express)
    ✔ 100% Ayurvedic Ingredients
    Not suitable for all age groups
    It comes with unrecognized fake ingredients
    It comes with various side effects
    Does more harm than good
    Chemical Based Ingredients
28 reviews forAyuvya Champ


Anjali Sharma

> This is an amazing product for increasing height. Really works! The packaging is good.

Shubham Jain

> It is the best product for this category and i had been looking for this product since last couple of months.. highly satisfied and highly recommend this product to all!!

Abhilasha Roy

> I have been using this product regularly for over a month now. And, I am surprised that this product gives promising results for my son.

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6779 reviews forAyuvya Genius


Nishant Pandey

> Being a civil service aspirant i have to study for long hours...bur due to lack of focus i used to get frustrated..someone suggested me Ayuvya Genius to cure this probkem ...i've been using it since past few months and can feel the difference..

Archana Sharma

> Have been using this product for almost 2 weeks for my child and this has really helped to improve his focus and memory. Also it’s easy to take with milk. Highly recommend!

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