Remove Dark Circles Naturally with Ayurveda

Sep 24, 2020

Remove Dark Circles Naturally with Ayurveda

Dark circles around the eyes can cause you to look tired, sleep-deprived, depressed, or hungover. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor diet, facial structure, genes, aging, medications, and medical illnesses can all be blamed for this type of discoloration.

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Dark circles are usually harmless and temporary. In most cases, resting your eyes would suffice to fade the pigmentation.

However, some people may develop stubborn rings around their eyes that are too intensely pigmented to be camouflaged by makeup.

If you're one among them, you'll try some home remedies and self-care measures to lighten your dark circles.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Lighten dark circles around the eyes by trying these remedies.

    1.  Cucumbers

Cucumbers are water-logged plants that are renowned for their cooling and astringent properties, both of which may help lighten dark circles.

Moreover, cucumber is extremely mild and is therefore unlikely to cause any damage to the fragile skin around the eyes.

How to use: you'll safely apply raw cucumber slices over your eyes to assist fade the dark circles and convey down the puffiness around your eyes. For this topical therapy to deliver the specified results, refrigerate the slices for a couple of hours before applying

    2. Caffeine and vitamin K 

Caffeine, when used topically, can help diminish the visibility of dark circles by reducing fluid retention and melanin concentration within the under-eye area. (2)

These effects are compounded when used alongside vitamin K, which may help reduce hyperpigmentation and also promote skin repair after a facelift.

      3. Tea Bags

One of the only therapies to reduce the prominence of dark circles is placing soaked tea bags over the eyes. Tea is preferred for this purpose thanks to its high tannin and antioxidant content.

The caffeine in tea penetrates the skin to curb the fluid retention underneath it, and its abundant reserve of antioxidants and tannins may help lighten the discoloration around the eyes.

How to use: Place damp tea bags over your closed eyes for a couple of minutes, then rinse your eyes thoroughly.

      4. Potato

The skin-lightening properties of potatoes are much talked about as tons of general users have reported positive results after using them for or their dark circles. However, this remedy remains unsupported by science.

How to use: Place potato slices over your eyes.

      5. Copra oil 

Another remedy for dark circles that enjoys considerable anecdotal success but has little to no scientific backing is copra oil.

How to use: Gently massage 2–3 drops of copra oil under your eye at bedtime, let it sit overnight, then wash it off in the subsequent morning.

Self-Care Tips for Fading Dark Circles

    1.  Sleep it off

Lack of sleep is probably one of the foremost common causes of dark circles. Thus, you want to get 7–9 hours of sleep daily to permit your body to re-energize and repair itself while also giving your eyes an opportunity in any case the waking hours

     2. Elevate your Head

Another common reason for dark circles is the buildup of fluid around the eyelids, which is worsened by sleeping on your stomach or flat on your back.

Raise the top of your bed by a couple of inches or prop a couple of pillows under your head to stay it slightly elevated while you sleep.

      3. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can contribute to the looks of dark circles. Individuals who are susceptible to this problem are advised to drink many fluids, preferably 7–8 glasses of water throughout the day.

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